Live Office Hours for January enrollment for

the Your Healthy Mind Online Program


Greetings! I’m excited and eager to answer your questions about how you can support a healthy brain as you age. Join me for my live office hours on Sunday, January 6th from 4-6pm. We will meet up on Zoom- details will be provided via email for those that register.

I get it, even my best clients look for quick fixes before they start working with me because lifestyle changes are hard. But, small changes that you can build upon are essential to making changes that are sustainable and long term.

Not exercising consistently, not managing your stress, not practicing self-care or taking time for yourself are common.

Pair those things with getting conflicting information about what to eat and it gets confusing, too easy to give up.

If you’re:

  • over 40 and want to prevent cognitive decline.

  • have a feeling of hopelessness because you’ve either have AD in your family or you’ve watched friends struggle with the devastating impact of AD and dementia.

  • Newly retired and need help structuring your free time so that you can age gracefully and enjoy retirement.

Come chat with me live. It’s free of charge.

Let’s get some of your questions answered, and make sure working together is right for you!


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