“I am changing my practices in so many ways as a result of the Your Healthy Mind program. I keep track of my daily food intake, make exercise an important daily event, value the sleep as an asset to health, realize social interaction is important and try to manage the everyday stress I used to think was normal. I am controlling the reactions I have to stress. I have used many important facts about food in the decisions I make when I go to the grocery store. I added meditation to my health toolkit . Everything I learned through the program is truly a benefit to my daily experience.” - K. Brock

Thanks for your interest in Your Healthy Mind: An Online Program to Shift Your Lifestyle & Eating Habits to Support A Healthy Brain As You Age!

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Hey, I'm Julie Wendt and my interest in cognitive health began when I watched my Grandfather transform from the loving and kind man who called me “Sugar” into first a violent and then withdrawn person who could not recognize his family. I remember all too well how Alzheimer’s Disease caused destruction in my grandparents’ lives – one as the victim, the other as the caregiver – just as they were retiring and looking towards new adventures.

I later learned about a therapeutic approach using integrative medicine to halt and reverse the disease, and decided to make this my life’s work. Consistent with my training as an integrative nutritionist, the approach to prevent and reverse cognitive decline requires the very lifestyle changes that I use every day in my clinical nutrition practice – the pillars of health which focus on optimizing diet, sleep, stress management, movement, and relationships.

That's why I'm excited that you're interested in Your Healthy Mind. Instead of just trying something out for a while that doesn’t stick, I'll empower you to make a permanent change to your lifestyle now so you can prevent cognitive decline as you age.

So, do you want to:

  • make sure you do everything you can to prevent cognitive decline?

  • have a clear mind now, and for your brain to age gracefully later?

  • be at your peak mental performance?

Then, let me show you how to get there, and stay there.

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I get it, even my best clients look for quick fixes before they start working with me because lifestyle changes are hard. But, small changes that you can build upon are essential to making changes that are sustainable and long term. Not exercising consistently, not managing your stress, not practicing self-care or taking time for yourself are common. Pair those things with getting conflicting information about what to eat and it gets confusing, too easy to give up.

Instead of just trying something out for a while that doesn’t stick, I empower you to make a permanent change to your lifestyle now that will help you prevent cognitive decline and maintain a healthy brain as you age.

Here’s How I Can Help:

I know that the conventional model of healthcare leaves most people on multiple medications that deal with symptoms and often ignore the root cause of the imbalance.

What I do instead:

- Walk you through how to take small steps towards your health goals, making it a manageable process that helps you get incrementally closer to your health goals. It’s the small efforts taken regularly that add up to improved health outcomes.

- Share the latest research on brain health, in an easy to understand format and show you how to consider what will work for you and your unique makeup. I’ll help you create lifestyle changes that you can continue beyond the program.

- Show you how to create a personalized nutrition program that really works for you. Having clear actions step with built-in accountability and support can make all the difference.

I’ll also help you establish:

- The best diet for your cognitive health.

- Five pillars of health that create optimal health: diet, sleep, movement, stress management, and healthy relationships.

- A goal setting structure that allows you to focus on bite sized changes that are easily achievable and move you closer to your larger health goals.

Why do we focus on the 5 Pillars of Health?


Decades of clinical research has shown us that these are the areas of our lives that create the framework for our health. Diet, Movement, Stress Management, Sleep, and Healthy Relationships impact the core physiological processes that dictate how our bodies operate and more specifically what genes are expressed.

Ready to work together to create sustainable change?

My program is designed for you if:

You’re over 40 years old and want to prevent cognitive decline.

If you have a feeling of hopelessness because you’ve either have AD in your family or you’ve watched friends struggle with the devastating impact of AD and dementia I created this program with you in mind.

You recently retired and want help structuring how to invest in your cognitive health and maintain a healthy brain.

My program is not designed for you if:

You have advanced cognitive decline or end-stage Alzheimer’s Disease. (I have other options for advanced and end-stage AD, please drop me a line at info@brainpowerlife.com.)

You’re not open to making lifestyle changes.

Why work with me on your cognitive health?

I’m dedicated to this work and the transformation it can have on your quality of life.

I know how hard it is to implement the lifestyle changes that we know we need to make.

And, I’m excited to help you make healthy lifestyle changes a priority in your life so you can prevent cognitive decline as you age.

Logistics and How This Program Works:

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Inside the program I walk you through action based modules, that cover: Behavior Change, Food, Gut Health, Stress, Sleep, Exercise, Supplements and Social Connections. We take a break from new content between weeks 3 & 4 and weeks 6 & 7. Weekly content is delivered on Saturday. Weekly live Q&A calls happen on Thursday.

How to Enroll

Doors for this round are currently open for the October 2019 enrollment.

The investment for the program is $699. I’m also offering an affordable investment of $269 x 3 payments.

Your payment is transferable to other services or a future round of Your Healthy Mind for 6 months.

There is a money back guarantee, if you fully participate in the program and do not learn more about how you can prevent cognitive decline as you age. (minus administrative fees)

When you fully participate you also get the added benefit of seeing progress and results while you’re in the program!

How to Connect

If you’d like to chat one to one, or if you have a question I can answer before you enroll, drop me a line at info@brainpowerlife.com. You’ll get a direct response from me. I’ll help you decide your next step and help you make sure this program is a good fit for you.

Our Program Format

You’ll have the added benefit of being able to access program materials anywhere, anytime. We’ll also meet live via video conferencing for each Q&A session. (The video conferencing platform is easy to use. After a simple setup you’ll be able to just click and join.)

I’ve Designed This Program With You in Mind

I designed the course to be a combination of educational content, expert interviews, additional resources, weekly live Q&A calls and personal reflection to help you identify changes that you want to make and go thru the process of breaking them down into smaller changes that feel manageable.

I created the Your Healthy Mind Workbook to support this work. Each week you will need to set aside about 10 hours to complete the course content and start making lifestyle changes.

At the beginning and end of the program, I ask that you complete an online assessment that will help you understand your areas of particular need as well as how much has changed by the end of the 10 weeks based on the changes that you have made.

I’ll encourage you, and show you how to keep a journal where you can keep all the information about the course, your health goals, the things that worked and didn’t work, so that you have a place to refer back to as you progress through the program.

There will be an opportunity for engagement in the community: what you give is what you get and I ask that you engage with others on the forum, participate in the weekly discussion topic.

The weekly Q&A calls will be a chance for you to interact with me, ask any follow up questions you have about the content, get guidance in goal setting, and let me know how you are doing overall.

For our regular Q&A meetings times, I will take a poll to see which time works for the most people and send out the final day/time prior to the release of the Change Process module. If you cannot join me for the call, you can still submit your questions and I will answer them and then post the recording within the module so that you can listen to it later.

The Client Experience

Check out what Betty, a recent client has to say about her program experience below:


Take The Next Step

I’d love for you to join me on this important journey towards optimizing brain health as you age. If you have any questions, or want to connect, please don’t hesitate to reach out at info@brainpowerlife.com. Or, simply use the button below to enroll.

Ready for more?

Or drop me a line at info@brainpowerlife.com to connect and make sure this program is a right fit for you.