Live Open Office Hour + Q&A with Julie Wendt

(how can we live a long, healthy life full of vitality)


Greetings!  During open office hours I share more specific ways we can live a long, healthy life full of vitality.

I know that you are interested in creating a lifestyle that supports a healthy brain as you age, that’s why I’m sharing and answering any questions live.

I’ll share:

  • the first step to creating a personalized nutrition program and goal setting structure that allows you to focus on bite-sized changes that are easily achievable.

  • why having clear action steps with with built-in accountability and support can make all the difference.

  • where to begin with your health goals, so it’s a manageable process that helps you get incrementally closer to your health goals.

  • answers to your questions about how we can support a healthy brain as we age.

Join me for my office hours on January 6th from 4-5pm. Sign up below.

To Your Health,


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