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The next round begins in October 2019.

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Use code "healthyx2" for 50% Off the 2nd Person for the Pay-In-Full Option.

Use code "healthy2" for 50% Off the 2nd Person for the Payment Plan Option.

“It was very easy working with Julie. She has a gentle way of guiding me to making good choices that are leading to healing. I especially like the results I have gotten. I hope everyone can have access to Julie’s services. I have already recommended her to family members!” - E. Mullen

“I liked her broad knowledge of the relationship of good nutrition to health and would strongly recommend Julie as a nutritionist to others. I was most happy that Julie helped translate what my doctor was recommending into a practical action plan tailored to my condition. The number one takeaway from my work with Julie is that significant change in the functioning of my body takes time, but it is important to be on the right track, which Julie was instrumental in doing for me." - Steve M.