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Betty’s Client Experience


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“I was really excited when I read about Julie's class on living healthy as we age. I had been to various doctors about health concerns but found that unless I had an acute problem that required medication or some other medical intervention, doctors were not helpful in advising me about what I needed to do to alleviate the problem or prevent further complications. They certainly did not give advice on how to improve my overall health. As it turned out, Julie’s class was what I was looking for.

     In Julie's class, we went over all the important health basics, step  by step, in a way that made sense, was enjoyable, and allowed us to incorporate small changes each week.  Although I believed I was pretty savvy about how to live a healthy life, I have to say in retrospect, there was a lot for me to learn.  Probably what was most valuable to me was understanding WHY we need to incorporate specific healthy behaviors and habits into our lives.  Also, I began to see more clearly how our biological systems are interrelated.  The class helped me know what habits to change, what to continue, and I became a better custodian of my own health. 

     The class was well paced and it was a challenge to get through the week’s assignments, but I wasn't overwhelmed. I took it at my own pace, and felt reasonably confident discussing the various issues during each week's phone conference.  Julie is an excellent listener with an impressive background in the subject, and she gave advice that I grew to trust. The class was a great starting point for me; since the class ended, I continue to make important changes and continue to learn as I go along.” E. Jimerson

“I am changing my practices in so many ways as a result of the Your Healthy Mind program. I keep track of my daily food intake, make exercise an important daily event, value the sleep as an asset to health, realize social interaction is important and try to manage the everyday stress I used to think was normal. I am controlling the reactions I have to stress. I have used many important facts about food to my decisions when I go to the grocery store. I added meditation to my health toolkit . Everything I learned through the program is truly a benefit to my daily experience.” - Ken Brock

Before I started the program… I felt unhealthy, and it seemed overwhelming to make changes I thought would make me healthy. I felt like if I wasn't doing things perfectly to be healthy then I wasn't being successful. The program… It helped me view getting healthy as a process and a journey. It broke down the steps I need to take into bite sized chunks that feel manageable and make change seem possible! I've had less stiffness in my joints from decreasing sugar. I've experienced a decrease in brain fog on days when I practiced intermittent fasting. You are non-judgemental and solution focused. I also enjoy that you teach why something is important and how it works instead of just giving a guideline for me to blindly follow. My impression in the past has been that diet and weight = health, but you taught me that it health is a multi-faceted construct and given me the tools and knowledge to keep my brain and body healthy! - Rory H

“What I like most about working with Julie is her ability to listen. She is very attentive and totally present when working with me. I‘d most definitely recommend her services to other people! I have complex health issues and Julie worked with me to determine which foods and eating practices would best meet my nutritional needs. She helped me achieve my goals of eating in ways that reduced my need for medication and improved my cognitive performance. Julie connects all the dots. She treats the whole person. She’s superb at follow up and makes herself very accessible. Her knowledge, care and commitment have been invaluable to me.” - Terri M.

“I love that Julie was prepared in advance of my first appointment. She knew my diagnosis and my doctor recommendations. In fact, she was so prepared that she correctly anticipated my questions and offered a wide range of dietary recommendation, how to store, and prepare meals. I would recommend Julie’s services without hesitation! I’ve learned how to prepare, cook, and store food for optimal health benefits to help live a good life even though I have a chronic illness. I’m also impressed with Julie’s follow up after appointments. She sends an email outlining our conversation, more or less a treatment plan."  - Linda Evans

“I liked her broad knowledge of the relationship of good nutrition to health and would strongly recommend Julie as a nutritionist to others. I was most happy that Julie helped translate what my doctor was recommending into a practical action plan tailored to my condition. The number one takeaway from my work with Julie is that significant change in the functioning of my body takes time, but it is important to be on the right track, which Julie was instrumental in doing for me." - Steve M.

" I would absolutely recommend Julie to others. She listens. She's compassionate and insightful. Her methodology has been flexible over the course of the almost two years we've been working together, as my needs have changed. I feel hopeful after our conversations. She always suggests specific tools to continue working on what we discussed, and they evolve as our work together... I have developed greater self-acceptance; a greater willingness to explore what feels most challenging and a belief that it's possible to take that on. My biggest takeaway for working with Julie is a gentleness towards the issues I am struggling with and a belief that it's possible to find a new way through them. It's not just about the specific nutritional plan, for me at least. The food and the way I take care of myself represents something bigger. Which actually makes the self-care easier to approach. “ - Anonymous

“It was very easy working with Julie. She has a gentle way of guiding me to making good choices that are leading to healing. I especially like the results I have gotten. I hope everyone can have access to Julie’s services. I have already recommended her to family members! My level of auto-immune antibodies improved in follow up bloodwork for a blood clotting disorder.  That made me very happy.😊  I’m also very happy with all of the achiness that has disappeared since consulting with her. Julie carefully prescribed a plan that helped me live with less pain and inflammation based on my individual needs. It’s a custom, well thought out plan that works.  - E. Mullen