About Julie

Hi, I’m Julie, a clinical nutritionist practicing functional nutrition which focuses on a root-cause approach to the treatment of disease.  I also have advanced training in cognitive health from The Institute for Functional Medicine and The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation.  

Julie's headshot.jpeg

I’m passionate about helping others that are like me, concerned about my family history of AD and ready and willing to do what I can now, to prevent losing my cognitive abilities later in life. It was tragic to watch my grandfather die from AD, and it’s my mission to stop others from experiencing that depletion of their health at the end of their life.  

I also wanted to create a program where I could leverage a critical aspect of Functional Medicine, a community of care where people can discuss the fears this disease creates, so you know that you’re not alone, so you can share the journey with others and feel lighter because of it. This community, and the connection it creates, translates into higher quality of life and also better health outcomes!

It’s also my goal to make this healthcare model more affordable for the average person. By using economies of scale, individuals can pay less for the information and still get an individualized approach to the lifestyle changes they need to make.

I’m excited to help you make healthy lifestyle changes a priority in your life, so you can prevent cognitive decline as you age!

Start Here to assess exactly how to create sustainable healthy habits so you can prevent cognitive decline and age gracefully.