Do Everything You Can to Prevent Cognitive Decline


Want to be at your peak mental performance? 

Let me show you how to get to peak mental performance, and stay there. I get it, even my best clients look for quick fixes before they start working with me because lifestyle changes are hard. But, small changes that you can build upon are essential to making changes that are sustainable and long term for a healthy brain. Not exercising consistently, not managing your stress, not practicing self-care or taking time for yourself are common. Pair those things with getting conflicting information about what to eat and it gets confusing, too easy to give up.

About Your Healthy Mind

I know that the conventional model of healthcare leaves most people on multiple medications that deal with symptoms and often ignore the root cause of the imbalance.

What I do instead:

- Walk you through how to take small steps towards your health goals, making it a manageable process that helps you get incrementally closer to your health goals. It’s the small efforts taken regularly that add up to improved health outcomes.

- Share the latest research on brain health, in an easy to understand format and show you how to consider what will work for you and your unique makeup. I’ll help you create lifestyle changes that you can continue beyond the program.  

- Show you how to create a personalized nutrition program that really works to help you maintain a healthy brain. Clear actions step with built-in accountability and support can make all the difference.

Ready to work together to create sustainable change? 

My program is designed for you if:

- You’re over 40 and want to prevent cognitive decline.

- If you have a feeling of hopelessness because you’ve either have AD in your family or you’ve watched friends struggle with the devastating impact of AD and dementia - I created this program with you in mind.

- You recently retired and want help structuring how to invest in your cognitive health to keep a healthy brain.

My program is not designed for you if:

- You have advanced cognitive decline or end-stage AD. (I have other options for advanced and end-stage AD, please drop me a line at

- You’re not open to making lifestyle changes. 

I’m also dedicated to this work and the transformation it can have on your quality of life...

I’ll also help you establish:

julie - community2.jpg

Five pillars of health for optimal health: diet, sleep, movement, stress management, and healthy relationships.

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The best diet for your cognitive health and a healthy brain.

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A goal setting structure that allows you to focus on bite sized changes that are easily achievable and move you closer to your larger health goals.